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The medicinal benefits and healing properties of cannabis is now becoming a commonly acknowledged fact, which would be easier to dismiss, where it  not for the vast number of people who successfully treating a broad spectrum of ailments and diseases with this plant and its derivative oils.  Having been criminalised in most parts of the world, there has in recent years been an unprecedented number of countries and states ending the prohibition on cannabis.


With an every growing increase in cancer and other diseases, the demand for cannabis based products has hit an all time high, and is growing exponentially every day.  Some of the most popular cannabis based products include the oil extracts, which can now be purchased at health stores and pharmacies.  The sale of CBD and THC oil as a treatment for chronically ill people, desperate for relief and healing, has become big business, with many selling their products at over the top prices, or selling synthetic, inferior, diluted or compromised medicines, in order to maximise profits and line their own pockets…. a pretty sick thought when you realise that those being scammed are most likely sick, desperate or dying people.

For those unfamiliar with the medicinal effects of cannabis, and its various medicinal cannabinoids, please check out this excerpt from this BBC piece called CANNABIS: THE EVIL WEED (click here)


The content found herein, is the published findings of an extensive international investigation into the medical cannabis industry, specifically pertaining to the sale and distribution of CBD Oil products.
Like the many more controversial accounts that I have had to write about over my many years of investigative journalism, I hereby render forth to the public, ungracious details of deception, misdeeds and criminality.  This information shall be presented in a fair and non emotive manner.   This investigation has taken much time, and the publishing of this information has taken much thought as how to best achieve the objective of transparency in order to educate the public, without damaging a good cause.  For a brief while, I thought perhaps I would just let the entire matter come to pass, but recent events which transpired at the March 2019 Hippie Market in Barao de Sao Joao, has compelled me to disclose what I have come to know.

Cannabis oil extracts

The cause I speak of, is actually several causes.  It is the cause of self empowerment through the knowledge of how to heal and stay healthy;  It is the cause of alternative natural remedies;  But most importantly, it is the cause of the cannabis plant, the most medicinal plant on the planet… And, as is the case with so many of good things, there are those who have sought to exploit the benefits of cannabis for their own profit, often operating unethically, lying to the public, and viciously attacking, harassing and bullying anybody that dares to call them out on their deception, whilst having the final added kicker of discrediting the medicinal cannabis industry, which is exactly what Big Pharma want.  Indeed, Big Pharma would rather be profiting off you toxifying yourself with their pharmaceutical poisons, than have you reaching for natural remedies found in a plant, often referred to as “weed”.  Unethical operators in the medicinal cannabis product sector, play right into the hands of Big Pharma.


This body of information is dedicated to al those sick and desperate people who have been scammed out of money by paying of dodgy “healing” oils of various descriptions.  Those who engage in unethical practices, are profiting from the pain and suffering of others, whilst deliberately deceiving those who are not in a position to take chances with their health, due to chronic illness.
Furthermore, this information is dedicated to my local community, who have recently seen the loss of the world famous monthly Barao de Sao Joao Hippie Market, which happens on the fourth Sunday of the month.  It was closed down after the March 2019 market, due to the anti social behaviour and criminal activity, such as that which I shall go on to disclose herein.


Mel Ve

I am commonly known as Mel Ve.  I am a South African born Independent Investigative Journalist, Author, Documentary Filmographer, Artist, Symbologist, Crypto Archaeologist, Crypto Zoologist, Hermetic Alchemist, Teacher, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Conscious Consumer Network, which is an independent live broadcast TV network that has been running for five years, and has championed a number of projects and humanitarian causes.





Although my 20 years of media work follows a vast spectrum of information, my particular areas of specialisation are based in unconventional theories involving cultural anthropology, lost civilisations, ancient ruins, myth & legends, historic artworks, etymology and alternative education modalities.  I have authored several books, produced several documentary films, and have made some ground breaking discoveries.  I present workshops and lecture at various educational seminars, participate in international summits and conferences as a speaker, as well as train and coach people in various aspects pertaining to media, with a specialisation in digital media.
With over two decades in media, I have lived and worked in many different countries, and currently resides in the Algarve, with my husband.  I run an artesian and probiotic product market stall at my local community bio market and other places around the Algarve.

Dean Oliver being interviewed by Jo Lomax on Conscious Consumer Network | This interview has been removed from the Conscious Consumer Network archive, as CCN no longer supports Dean Oliver

The first time I had ever heard of Dean Oliver, was when he was invited onto Conscious Consumer Network in March 2018, by one of our broadcasters Jo Lomax, who interviewed Dean Oliver on her weekly live show called Reclaiming Perception.  After the show had ended, Dean ended up in a discussion with the show’s producer, my husband Biggi.  During this conversation, we learned that Dean Oliver was based in the Algarve, and we discussed meeting up to purchase some CBD Oil from him.  It took 4 months before Dean was able to meet us, and he gave us a 100ml bottle of SACRED KANA CBD Oil, which I used to care for a dying woman, who has since passed on.  It is not known if SACRED KANA CBD Oil products has any benefits at all for this elderly lady in her final days, but we did what we could to assist in easing her pain and suffering with natural remedies.

Algarvian.Life artesian produce sold at local markets

The market at Barao de Sao Joao happens on the fourth Sunday of the month

Algarvian.Life is an extension of my media work, which manifested in the making and selling conscious produce at the local markets, consisting of a high quality artesian food range, including live probiotic foods and drinks, and various other conscious products for the conscious consumer, largely aimed at health based solutions.  I take great pride in hand crafting every single one of my products, and I know exactly what is in all of them, as I make them from start to finish.  From collecting my water directly from mountain springs to use in my Love Kombucha, to sourcing out the most environmentally friendly packaging, to hand crafting my labels, I have put all the lessons I have learned as the Creative Director of Conscious Consumer Network, into practical application with the products that I make and sell.  I participate in events and markets all over the Algarve, including the local Bio Market in the town I live in, the Eco Schools summit, and various other educational events.  But of all the markets we participate in, the one I love the most is the Hippie Market in Barao de Sao Joao, which has been running for 20 years.  This is a very unique place, with so much soul, and is world famous, being absolutely interwoven into the culture of the local area, making it one of the most colourful and trendy places to shop and spend an afternoon.



SACRED KANA CBD OIL products at my market stall

At this stage, I did not know much about CBD Oil and how it worked.  I had been using a complimentary Bottle of SACRED KANA CBD Oil for several months.  Initially I noticed a change as I felt my endocannabinoid system rebalancing, but after about six weeks, the effects had plateaued, and I felt nothing additional even with an increased dosage.  But I was not suffering from chronic illness, which would possibly facilitate a more noticeable and dramatic healing process.  The SACRED KANA CBD CREAM was very heavy, and did not absorb properly into the skin, often causing breakouts on my face.  The packaging was totally plastic, and not at all environmentally friendly, and the pump got easily clocked, due to the cheap components used.  After a few months, the oil in  SACRED KANA CBD CREAM began to separate from the rest of the solution making up the cream.


It was the fourth Sunday of June 2018, at the monthly Hippie Market that happens in Barao de Sao Joao, where Dean first came to visit us with his kids and mother, who spent the afternoon chatting, eating and drinking at our market stall, which included a table and chairs, snacks and drinks for visiting guests.  It was at that market, that Dean’s kids got a puppy, as he had just taken possession of a farm he had purchased here in the Algarve.


Dean Oliver also attended the next market, which happened, as it always had for the last 20 years, on the fourth Sunday of July 2019, and Dean kids and slightly bigger puppy, were with him.  As had happened before, Dean and his kids spent some time at our stall, whilst also wondering around this beautiful market.  It was at the July market that I was introduced to Chris Riden for the first time.  Chris had been a long time friend of Dean, and was at that time, and eventually ended up living on Dean’s farm in the Algarve.


As had been the case in June and July, Dean Oliver attended the market at Barao de Sao Joao on the fourth Sunday of August 2019, and as had happened before, Dean spent some time at our market stall.  It was on this occasion that Dean offered to let us sell his SACRED KANA CBD Oil at our market stall.  The price point was 50 Euros per 100ml bottle, and 40 Euros went to Dean, and we kept 10Euros as compensation for having the products on our table.


Having strong ethics regarding what products I will put my name and face too, especially since I am the Creative Director of Conscious Consumer Network, a television network aimed at making people more conscious about what they consume, I began the process of trying to get to know Dean, in order that I may know more about his business and brand values, by inviting him to beach picnics with my group of friends, but Dean always had a reason why he could not join us.  And so I spent some time over the next month monitoring Dean Oliver’s Facebook page, and was got to see for myself how many people had found SACRED KANA CBD Oil to have beneficial healing and medicinal properties.  Every other day, there was a new Facebook message shared, from this or that person, who’s latest cancer scan was clear following the use of SACRED KANA CBD Oil.  Based upon this, I confirmed my decision to go ahead with selling SACRED KANA CBD oil products at our market stall in Barao de Sao Joao.



At the September market in Barao de Sao Joao, Dean Oliver showed up at around 11am, with a box of SACRED KANA products, including 100ml bottles of CBD Oil, CBD Oil Skin Cream, and CBD Oil soap, all of which were artistically arranged on our table.  As had happened many times before, Dean and his kids spent some time with us, as well as exploring the market.


At this stage, I did not know much about CBD Oil and how it worked.  I had been using a complimentary bottle of SACRED KANA for several months.  Initially I noticed a change as I felt my endocannabinoid system rebalancing, but after about six weeks, the effects had plateaued, and I felt nothing additional even with an increased dosage.  But I was not suffering from chronic illness, which would possibly facilitate a more noticeable and dramatic healing process.


On 7 October 2018, the elderly lady that we had been treating with CBD Oil, passed away after an extended period of illness and suffering.  In hind site, I am not sure how much this oil helped to ease that suffering, or if it is indeed humane to prolong the life of someone that frail and incapacitated.  None the less, we had used regular doses of SACRED KANA CBD Oil to treat a dying woman, who could express nothing but pain in the end.  Please reference my article UNDER THE ALMOND TREE, which is a detailed tribute to my time caring for this elderly lady.


It was at the Hippie Market on the fourth Sunday of October 2018, where Dean was once again present at our stall, that I asked by a customer, what percentage CBD is in the bottles of 100ml CBD Oils.  It was at this stage that I noticed that the percentage was not labelled on the bottles that I was selling.  I then asked Dean Oliver the pertinent question, “What percentage is the CBD content of the bottles of oils we are selling?”, to which Dean Oliver told me “Between 3 and 10 percent”… And this is what I told people when I was selling them the SACRED KANA CBD Oil products from my market table.


Selling the products was one thing, but dealing with reconciling funds with Dean Oliver became a bit of a chore.  Dean did not want us to pay him via bank transfer, and insisted on meeting up with us so that we could hand over the cash for the bottles sold, to him directly.  It was very obvious that Dean Oliver was attempting to keep the money “off the books” so to speak, and thus, we agreed to pay Dean directly, without ever having received a single invoice for the stock he gave us, and without any paperwork every changing hands.  The entire arrangement was run on the basis of the trust that we would pay for what we sold as we sold it, and that is what we tried to do.  But getting Dean Oliver to be available to collect the money we owed him, became a bit of a drama, as we were never allowed to go to his farm, nor would he come to where we were to collect his money.  Rather, we had to drive to a dingy little coffee shop in Alvor on a rainy night, to drop of the first lot of money we paid him.  From then on, we just decided to pay Dean when we saw him at the markets, for the previous market’s sales.  That way we could meet at a place that was mutually agreeable for both, as both parties had planned to be there.


It was at the Hippie Market which happened on the fourth Sunday of November 2018, that I became aware that Dean Oliver had some of his product range located at another stall apart from ours.  This one tiny table, barely a foot from the ground, was manned by Dean’s close friend, Chris Riden.  Dean Oliver was standing there at the time, and so I asked Dean “What’s this?”.  Dean then knelt down as I was doing, and began explaining the other items in his product range that he was selling, which included SACRED KANA Chaga Mushrooms, and SACRED KANA Shungite pieces, used for water purification.  The item of that peaked my interest was a label-less six-sided glass jar of pale green balm, that was solid, as coconut oil would be when unmelted, but with a bit of working and heat, it liquifies.  As I craft my own edible skin care products, some made with organic coconut oil, I of course immediately recognised that what ever was in this jar had a coconut oil base.  Dean explained to me that this is something he called a “Full Plant Cream”, which Dean claimed could be used as a skin moisturiser.  Dean then gave me this jar as a gift.


It was after the November market at Barao, that I reached out to Chris Riden on Facebook, and told him that he did not have to set up so far away, and that he should join our table.  I extended an invitation and offered our hospitality to Chris.  But Dean was very insistent on keeping us separate.  I invited Chris and Dean up to the “night before the market gathering” for the Christmas market, but again, I got the impression that there were matters that Dean wanted to keep from us, and thus he did not wish to get too close, lest we see the cracks, which unknown to us at the time, were very much appearing in SACRED KANA.


The Christmas market at Barao was a smashing success, and we sold out of everything.  Dean and his kids attended this market, where they picked up yet another very cute puppy, which had the most amazing blue eyes.  A great time was had by all, and we invited Dean and Chris to join us at Pizza Party for New Year’s, but they did not choose to go.  In fact, after Christmas 2018, Dean was very very quiet.  We did not hear from him, and I had to write to him in the first week of January 2019, to speak to him about other opportunities for selling SACRED KANA.


On 5 January 2019, Dean posted a message on Facebook, a long diatribe about how he is no longer going to be selling SACRED KANA CBD Oil products, because he has been “directed by Source” to follow his true purpose (what ever that is).  Of course none of this made sense, and being an inquisitive mind, I sent Dean Oliver a message on Facebook, to ask him “WTF is going on?”, as I simply did not buy his spiritual bla bla.  I am far too savvy, and have been around far too many wannabe gurus having worked in media, and I know the patterns and Neuro Linguistic Programming buzz words that they used, and this lengthly pseudo spiritual diatribe of Dean’s, wreaked of cult garnishing tactics, which of course, caused us much concern.  My husband called Dean Oliver up to speak to him directly, thinking that he may have put a public statement out on Facebook about ending his business SACRED KANA, but maybe there was more to this behind the scenes, as Dean had often complained about the way he had been attacked by so called detractors.  When Dean got onto the phone call, he was unduly aggressive, and immediately started accusing us of recording the conversation, which was not happening at that time, as that phone call was merely intended to speak to Dean directly to accertain what had happened, and to offer support as friends.


In my long experience of investigative journalism, and having spent much time interviewing people, I have learned that that those who unduly project mistrust are usually themselves untrustworthy.  And so I decided to do what I should have done before I began selling Dean Oliver’s SACRED KANA, and that is to do a Google search.  The first thing that came up in the search rankings, was a You Tube video by Colin Mc Bride, questioning the authenticity of a test certificate that Dean Oliver had on his website SACREDKANA.COM | Reference this clip, A Quesiton for Dean Oliver of Sacred Kana 
BELOW: Fake test certificate indicating that there is 10% CBD content in SACRED KANA CBD Oils.


  This test certificate has since been removed from the SACRED KANA website.


Having hosted Dean Oliver as a guest on Conscious Consumer Network, and having also sold Dean Oliver’s SACRED KANA CBD Oil products at my market stall, I was naturally curious about the test certificate I had found, and so I wrote to Dean via Facebook, and I sent him the information I had come across, and asked him to please “politely explain this to me”.  It was at this point that Dean decided there and then that he wanted to come pick up what ever SACRED KANA products we still had in our possession.  In fact he was so insistent that we found it to be bullying, as we could not facilitate that visit at that time, as we were on our way out to a birthday party.  I found this urgency to retrieve his products rather strange, as we had struggled in the past to get Dean Oliver to collect the money from us.  I told Dean in writing that he was welcome to come and collect the outstanding products and money, but it had to be done at a mutually agreeable time, and at no point was it part of our business arrangement that we should just be available at his beckon call.  The honest truth was, I knew at that moment, that if Dean came over, he may harm us, as he was so excessively angry and aggressive towards us on the phone, making lurid allegations about us, including labels such as “unethical”, “bad people”, which were nothing more than gas-lighting attempts to get us to back off, as we have since realised, because Dean Oliver simply did not want to answer any difficult questions about his unethical business.

Dean Oliver Facebook profile picture taken in Alvor, Algarve, Portugal

When Dean Oliver gets cornered, he gets very very ugly, and this is where we began to see that.  Far from being the super spiritual leader, who comes across a bit like Jesus, with his long blonde hair and beard, and messianic countenance as a modern day “healer of the sick”, Dean is actually a grandiose narcissist, with desires of garnishing a cult following.  Being in media, I have nothing against people who have a following, if they are doing good work, and operate in an honest and ethical way.  However, if what these people are doing is truly good, and done with full integrity intact, then surely it should stand up to some scrutiny.  And therein lies the problem.  When you begin to pick past the very thin pseudo-veneer of humanitarianism and respectability, it is not hard to see the monster that lies beneath, and just how deceitful and malicious he truly is.
Realising what a piece of shit Dean Oliver was, we decided to just leave this whole nasty episode behind us and move on.  Dean Oliver was not worth giving any more thought or energy to.  We continued as we had done, at the January 2019 Barao Market.  Dean Oliver was noticeably absent, as was Chris Riden.  Dean did not show up to the Februrary 2019 Barao market either, but Chris Riden was there, hiding away with his small table between two campers, desperately hoping we would not see him… But the moment he saw us, he looked positively frightened and he left the market immediately.  This I found very odd, as we truly meant no harm.  What was it that Chris was so afraid of?  Perhaps he was afraid that we knew the truth.  But at that point, we knew relatively little compared to what we discovered following on from the next encounter with Dean Oliver.

Companies House business registry | SACRED KANA CBD LIMITED company registration number: 10216568 | Latest tax return has not been filed and the account is overdue


It was the Hippie Market on the fourth Sunday of March 2019, which happened as it always had for the last 20 years, that Dean finally showed up.  I knew he was there as I had seen his daughter running around, but she did not come to our stall as she always had.  Shortly after that, Dean finally decided to make his way over to our stall.  I was fully expecting him to come behind our stall as he always had, and give me a hug and a kiss.  I am the kind of person that does not hold onto grudges, and I was quite prepared to forgive, forget and move on.  Instead, Dean stood on the other side of the table, extended his hand to shake mine, whilst aggressively thrusting his chin forward and nodding his head in acknowledgement.  This all came across to me as a act of theatre that he was trying to put on for his kids, in order that he may look like he is the bigger man by greeting / acknowledging us, for what ever atrocious act Dean had accused us of to his kids.  I could see clearly from Dean’s kid’s evasiveness towards us, that they have been warned off us, which was strange as we had only ever been good to them, and we honestly meant them no harm.  Upon observing this peculiar body language coming from Dean and his kids, my husband Biggi, decided to confront Dean directly about what we had found online, so as to look him in the eye when he explained himself.  Biggi called Dean behind our stall and took him away from the crowd.  Biggi asked Dean outright about the dodgy test certificate that I had asked Dean about via Facebook messenger.  Dean’s response was to start shouting.  I was at the front of the stall tending to customers, and I heard Dean raising his voice to an unnecessarily high volume.  Biggi asked Dean to please lower his voice and have a civil conversation, to which Dean shouted even louder, prompting me to take leave of the front of the stall, and to move towards the back to calm down the noise.



As I have learned, by my own experience, and by the first hand experiences of numerous other people, when Dean Oliver gets cornered, he gets super ugly, seriously, this is a whole new level of low that I did not even know existed.  It was at this point that Dean tried the very lame tactic of trying to wriggle out of a sticky situation by creating a distraction.  The distraction was attempted by making extremely vile, and false statements, which were delivered with the explicit intent of causing conflict between myself and my husband.  In front of a crowded market place, Dean Oliver said that my husband pimped me out to pay for his drug and prostitution addiction. Of course, this is categorically false, because if my husband was pimping me out, I certainly would know about it.  If there is one thing I am an authority on, it is me and my life.  Nobody knows more about me than I do, thats for sure.  Dean Oliver then went on to tell me that my husband is a bad man and I should be more careful about whom I hang out with.  This statement was so completely laughable, as I don’t “hang out” with my husband, I live with him as I have done for 18 years of happy marriage.  We run businesses together.  We are always together.  There is nothing he does that I am not aware of.  Dean’s foolish attempts to cause conflict were immediately recognised for what they are, as there was no truth to anything he was saying.  These comments / lies / verbal attacks/ bullying tactics, were in fact so desperate and lame, that I was absolutely flabbergasted that Saint Dean Oliver, would even go there.  I mean, this is the man who has a cult following for being a healer as if he was Jesus of something, and yet, this pseudo spiritual wannabe guru, has no respect for the sanctity and bond between two people.  It became very obvious, that Dean Oliver does not even know what love is, rather employing empty love-bombing measures, when necessary to manipulate individuals, or his cult following.


It was at this point, that I realised, there is much more going on here.  I had given Dean the chance to walk away, but he came over to our stall and got ugly.  WHY? What was driving this desperate act of stupidity?  What more was Dean Oliver trying to hide?  There simply had to be more to this.  These questions kept me awake for several nights, until I decided to do what I do best…. INVESTIGATE.


Let’s start with a few facts.  Dean Oliver does not actually make the SACRED KANA CBD OIL products, despite telling me at the very beginning of our working relationship, that he makes all his own products. Dean purchases these products from LADY MARY FARM in Romania, run by a man called Cezar (more from Cezar later). Please reference LADY MARY FARM website, http://ladymaryfarm.com.   
When you look at the product range, bottle sizes and packaging of LADY MARY FARM, it is exactly the same as SACRED KANA.


Dean Oliver does not really know what is in these products, as he has not made them himself.  He has merely purchased them from a retailer that anybody may use and order from, based on a farm in Romania, that Dean Oliver has not even visited, and thus has no idea of what is really going on with regards to how these products are made, and what is actually in them.  The bottles of SACRED KANA CBD Oil that Dean sells for 50 Euros, are available for 26,65 directly from LADY MARY FARM.  Dean Oliver then doubled the price on the CBD Oil, tripled the price on the CBD Oil Skin Cream from 20 to 60 Euros.  Dean’s grandiose narcism led him to believe that by putting a SACRED KANA label on the LADY MARY FARM CBD Oil products, that he had the right to put extortionate profit margins onto this product.  In fact, Dean Oliver originally sold his SACRED KANA CBD OIL for 125 Euros per bottle, such as is the case with Tony Galloway Stein (more from Tony later), who purchased bottles of SACRED KANA CBD Oil from Dean Oliver for an extended period of time at the price of 125 Euros per bottle, eventually spending thousands of pounds on SACRED KANA CBD Oil, until he discovered the scam I am about to unravel next.


“The farm we use have their own lab and we know that the medicine we are providing is 10%”


I want to deal with several aspects of the above statement, starting with “the farm we use have their own lab”.  According the the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it is a standard legal requirement for all medicines to be tested for content / ingredients, by professional certified third party laboratories.  According to Dean Oliver’s own words, the farm that produced SACRED KANA CBD Oil, did their own testing.  Although many legitimate certified cannabis producers may have their own laboratories / testing facilities, reliable independent third party testing by a licenced and certified CBD testing facility, is essential.


Testing should be done on all batches, as content of the oil will vary from batch to batch.  The results of independent third party testing should be clearly displayed in the public domain / website.  An example of a reliable CBD Oil producer, that follows the rules, is HEMP WORX.  On the home page of their website, they have a very clear tab option for DOCUMENTATION.  When you look at that page, you will find numerous tests of different batches of CBD Oil that has been independently tested | https://www.hempworx.com/cbd-oil-100-certified-and-lab-tested


According to the Cannabinoïden Adviesbureau Nederland (CAN), which is the Dutch Cannabinoid Advisory Bureau, it is legal requirement for all commercial CBD Oil producers undergo third party testing. It is illegal for any retailer to sell CBD Oil products that has not undergone the routine of third party testing.  Furthermore, it is a legal requirement that the results of these tests are made available in the public domain.  To a consumer, this is the fail safe to ensure that the CBD Oil you are purchasing, has gone through the legal required processes set in place by the industry oversight bodies.


As per Dean Oliver’s statement, LADY MARY FARM have their own lab and do their own testing.  It was LADY MARY FARM that also provided Dean Oliver with the dodgy test certificate, which according to Dean, was done at their own lab.  This test certificate was at one point published on the SACRED KANA website, but has since been removed, as it caused so many caused so many uncomfortable question that Dean was unable or unwilling to answer or acknowledge.

Fake test certficate

It was the CBD Oil test certificate, and the video by Colin Mc Bride asking Dean Oliver about this certificate, that first got me wondering what was really going on with Dean Oliver and SACRED KANA.


At first I thought that Dean had created a fraudulent test certificate, but upon further investigation, this test certificate was from a company called PETRO CHEM TECHNOLOGIES, an international petrol chemical company, that has absolutely nothing to do with the cannabis industry, nor are the qualified to test CBD Oil.  And thus the question beckons, how did a PETRO CHEM TECH TECHNOLOGIES come to be in a position where they have supplied SACRED KANA with a test certificate with data indicating that SACRED KANA CBD Oils have 10% CBD content?  According to our extensive research, PETRO CHEM TECHNOLOGIES is apparently a company that Cezar, the proprietor of LADY MARY FARM, used to work for, which is why perhaps he was able to get testing done through them.


Petro Chem Technologies have a completely different logo to the one on the fake CBD Oil test report

However, the logo on the test certificate, and the logo of PETRO CHEM TECHNOLOGIES, are completely different.  Furthermore, upon contacting PETRO CHEM TECHNOLOGIES, they categorically deny ever doing testing for the cannabis industry.
And thus, the questions beckon:


Why was Dean Oliver / LADY MARY FARM using a petrochemical lab to test CBD Oil?


Why did the logo on the test certificate not match the company logo of PETRO CHEM TECHNOLOGIES?


How has Dean Oliver come to be in possession of a testing certificate for cannabis oil products, when PETRO CHEM TECHNOLOGIES state that they do not do testing for the cannabis industry?


Furthermore, and probably most importantly, the fake PETRO CHEM TECHNOLOGIES test certificate presents false data, indicating that SACRED KANA / LADY MARY FARM CBD Oil, has 10% CBD content.  This would equate to 10,000mg of cannabinoids per 100ml bottle of CBD Oil.



There have been a number of people who have purchased SACRED KANA CBD Oil from Dean Oliver, who have also questioned the content of SACRED KANA CBD Oil, and who have thus sent it off for independent third party testing.  Although Dean Oliver has been given numerous independent test results conducted by his customers, Dean claims that these people are “not testing properly” (as if Dean is such an expert in testing, having conducted absolutely no independent tests himself)The reality is that these independent tests conducted on SACRED KANA CBD OIL by Dean Oliver’s customers, have been done through EU registered, certified and recognised laboratories which specialise in the testing of commercial cannabis and derivative products, such as Fundacion Canna, based at Valencia University in Spain.  Having personally dealt with Fundacion Canna during the course of my research, I can categorically state that they are very knowledgeable in all things cannabis, extremely thorough, and completely dedicated to the cannabis cause, as can be seen from some time spent on their website | https://www.fundacion-canna.es


The below are the results of three different people:
Jeff Ditchfield SACRED KANA TEST 1:  O.97% CBD content
Richard Carnell SACRED KANA TEST 2: 0.17% CBD content
Mike Harlington tested 5 samples of SACRED KANA… none have tested over 0.2% CBD content



It is very obvious that Dean Oliver is well aware that the SACRED KANA CBD Oil he has source from LADY MARY FARM, does not even have 1% CBD content.  In fact, not a single independent test contained even so much as half a percent of CBD content in SACRED KANA / LADY MARY FARM CBD OIL.


Dean Oliver was aware of the low test results from numerous independent tests, long before we met, and long before I started selling SACRED KANA CBD Oil at my market stall.  When I asked Dean Oliver what percentage CBD was in SACRED KANA CBD Oil, he specifically told me, between 3% and 10%. And thus, it is perfectly obvious to me that Dean Oliver lied to me about the CBD content in his SACRED KANA CBD Oil, and I in turn, misinformed those I was selling the CBD Oil too.  Being someone who works to a very high level of ethics and integrity, this is something I take very seriously, and offer my sincere apologies to anybody that purchased SACRED KANA CBD oil products from me.  I have however learned a very good lesson, and that is  that I will never again sell any produce that I did not make myself.


Through the course of this investigation, I have spoken to over a dozen people who have confronted Dean Oliver on various issues, however Dean Oliver does not stand up to scrutiny well, rather choosing to attack rather than present his case with dignity, because he does not have a case, as the evidence in the form of testing data and witness statements, is very much stacked against him.  If questioned by customers of SACRED KANA on Facebook, Dean will simply block them, or his cult following will gang stalk and attack anybody who dares to present Saint Dean with facts or questions that may bring Saint Dean into disrepute.  When these measures do not stave off Dean Oliver’s detractors, Dean will go to much darker and malevolent levels, such as attempting to cause conflict between couples, family members and friends.  One customer of SACRED KANA confided in me how her boyfriend questioned Dean Oliver, and then Dean befriended her, flirted with her, and made sexual comments, until she and her boyfriend eventually blocked Dean, which is what he wanted, was for this couple to just go away and shut up.  Dean Oliver does these things in order to put people off following up with him, to deter them, to make them go away.  As a journalist, this is a tactic that I am very familiar with, that we in the industry call PERVERSION DIVERSION.  Dean Oliver thinks that getting ugly with people, somehow intimidates them and gets rid of them.  How very wrong he is.


One statement from a lady I shall reference as Nicola J, stated that she had purchased SACRED KANA THC Oil from Dean Oliver, and she was sent an unlabelled six sided jar with pale green balm, which very much resembled coconut oil, due to the way it melted at 24 degrees centigrade, which is the melting point for coconut oil.   Most other oils that solidify, melt at 32 degrees centigrade.


Upon hearing Nicola’s description of the jar of SACRED KANA THC Oil she was sold by Dean Oliver, I immediately sent Nicola J a picture of the unlabelled six sided glass jar of pale green balm that Dean Oliver had given me at the October 2018 market in Barao de Sao Joao.  Nicola J confirmed that the jar and product  that I had, was exactly the same as the product Dean Oliver had sent her.  Dean had told me that this product was “Full Plant Cream”, to be used as a moisturiser, whilst this product was sold to Nicola J as THC Oil.  It had become very obvious at this point that Dean Oliver’s deception went well beyond the discrepancy over CBD content and testing certificates.

The six sided jar of pale green balm in my hand to see perspective of sizing.  When I sent this picture to Nicola J, she confirmed that this is indeed the exact same jar and pale green balm that she was sold as THC oil.

Upon hearing Nicola’s description of the jar of SACRED KANA THC Oil she was sold by Dean Oliver, I immediately sent Nicola J a picture of the unlabelled six sided glass jar of pale green balm that Dean Oliver had given me at the October 2018 market in Barao de Sao Joao.  Nicola J confirmed that the jar and product  that I had, was exactly the same as the product Dean Oliver had sent her.  Dean had told me that this product was “Full Plant Cream”, to be used as a moisturiser, whilst this product was sold to Nicola J as THC Oil.  It had become very obvious at this point that Dean Oliver’s deception went well beyond the discrepancy over CBD content and testing certificates.

THC oil or Full Plant Cream? Sold as two different products to two different customers.

UNSACRED | THE REAL DEAN OLIVER PART 1 |  Cezar, proprietor of Lady Mary Farm
UNSACRED | THE REAL DEAN OLIVER PART 2 | Richard Carnell, UK based Cannabis Activist
UNSACRED | THE REAL DEAN OLIVER PART 3 | Tony Galloway Stein, Scottish cancer patient


In order to be completely ethical, it is necessary to be transparent.  Thus, I provide a full copy of all Facebook messages between Dean Oliver, and myself, Mel Ve, which I make available for anybody who wishes to verify certain points mentioned in this above investigative piece, including the veiled threats from Dean Oliver, to myself.


The Conscious Consumer Network team spoke with a number of people across the board, and this was extremely educating.  Admittedly, when I first started working with CBD Oil, I knew very little.  I knew even less of the immense scamming that is going in an industry, that is preying off the sick, desperate and vulnerable.  A even more sickening secondary aspect, is that unethical scammers such as Dean Oliver, are profiting off the sick and the vulnerable, whilst also garnishing a messianic cult following for being some kind of healer / guru.

On the 18 December 2019, Fundacion Canna, part of the University of Valencia in Spain, published an Analytical Quality and Safety Study of Commercial Oils with Cannabidiol.  Fundacion Canna collected samples of some of the best selling brands of commercial CBD oils.  Samples were collected from two different batches of each brand being tested, to ensure more more diverse selection of oils for testing, resulting in a more realistic level of data accuracy.  The results were as follows:

– 5 out of 15 oils analysed present levels of CBD that correspond to the levels of the label in both first and second batch
– 3 out of 15 oils analysed have CBD levels that correspond to the label in one batch, but not the other
– 7 out of 15 oils analysed had CBD levels that do not correspond with the label in either of the two batches
 Top selling CBD brands that advertised incorrect information on the label, include:
CBD CURE 10%, MEDIHEMP 6% CANNABIGOLD 10% SENSISEEDS 3%, MyCBD 2%, De Primera 2.5% and Vitrovit 2.5%
The conclusion of this recent report indicates that the vast majority of CBD Oil products that are being sold in Europe, are lacking in CBD content, and are commonly mislabelled.  This problem is endemic in a system where there is no regulation on the production of CBD Oil, due to the messy and tedious bureaucratic and legislative gauntlet that surrounds the prohibition of cannabis in some part of the world.
World wide legalisation across the board, so that people can grow, process, smoke, vape and eat cannabis or cannabis products, in total freedom, without fear of prosecution.  Empowering people to grow their own medicinal plants.  There are many tutorials online regarding the processing of raw plants to harness the oils. This is the only way to stamp out the inevitable middle men such as Dean Oliver, who take on the character of a modern day Snake Oil salesman, who profit from the sick, desperate and vulnerable, employing deceitful and manipulative tactics, and getting very, very ugly when caught out.  These criminals, and their criminal activity, would be diminished in a world were cannabis prohibition was eradicated.  It is indeed prohibition which has created a social climate that facilitates so many criminals and criminal activities, in the cannabis world.
To the many people whom I spoke to, and the many people who shared advise, tips, information and testimonies, I wish to extend a big THANXXX.  The Cannabis Community owe much to such people, who share this information, educate and inform.  What a privilege to move amongst you all.  Keep fighting the good fight, which is the right for all beings to access, use and grow cannabis medicines, without restriction or fear.  All beings have the right to a quality of life.
Peace Love Unity Respect
Mel Ve


This is the follow up article following the initial expose on Dean Oliver.  If you have not yet explored this expose, it is suggested that you reference UNSACRED KANA | THE REAL DEAN OLIVER, which meticulously details various witness statements and evidence which will provide the necessary context for this follow up piece.

As was established in the initial expose on Dean Oliver, his dodgy SACRED KANA CBD products were not made by him, rather they were sourced from a Romanian company calling themselves LADY MARY FARM, and this is where the focus of this piece will be, as there is much to be explored on this front.



The proprietor of LADY MARY FARM, is a man I came to know as Cezar, and his recorded witness statements are included in the original expose.

The  recorded conversation I had with Cezar, clearly states that he was more than willing to assist the media, and ourselves, in our investigation into Dean Oliver and SACRED KANA, and was happy to talk to the media about any points of interest or concern.  I shared my concerns regarding Dean Oliver, and Cezar shared his concerns, stating that he had stopped supplying Dean Oliver at the end of 2018, as he had a number of concerns about the way Dean Oliver was operating, thus bringing the CBD industry into disrepute.


Cezar shared concerns that Dean Oliver was altering the products by adding synthetic isolates to the LADY MARY FARM CBD Oils, thus altering the purity of what Cezar referred to as “pure full plant extract”.  Cezar informed us that he had found Dean Oliver’s product on a Turkish website that specialises in selling “isolates” as opposed to “full plant extracts”, which was a major cause for concern for Cezar.  Cezar also shared his suspicions that Dean Oliver was still purchasing LADY MARY FARM products under a false name, as Cezar had recently sent a delivery out to Portugal addressed to a lady in a camper van, which Cezar was convinced was in fact Dean Oliver.  Please listen to the recording above to verify this.


It became very obvious that it was necessary to test the SACRED KANA CBD Oils, in order to establish exactly what was in them.  Numerous people had independently tested SACRED KANA CBD Oil, and none of them had even turned up so much as one percent of CBD content in SACRED KANA CBD Oils, despite Dean Oliver’s claims that there was between 3 and 10 percent CBD content.

Cezar offered to test the SACRED KANA CBD Oils that I had in my possession, as I had been unsuccessful in finding a way to test these oils without being a certified and registered hemp producer myself.

And thus, I meticulously documented the creation of the test samples, so as to stand up to scrutiny should I be accused of altering them in an attempt to deliberately discredit Dean Oliver, as that sort of behaviour is not beneath Dean, based on the number of clearly false accusations that have been levied at myself both before and after the initial expose.

In samples 1 and 2, I decanted SACRED KANA CBD Oil directly from the bottle, into sample bottles.

For sample number 3, I added some olive oil, but I did not tell Cezar that I had done so, as this was done as a test of my own, to see if Cezar would provide me with accurate information.

I sent the samples to the address given to me by Cezar, via trackable registered and recorded delivery.  According to the Portuguese Post Office, this package was delivered and signed for within 7 days of posting, which was done on 15 April 2019.











I wish I could say that Cezar of LADY MARY FARM had been honourable and acted upon his offer to test the samples we sent to him.  We have made several follow up calls to LADY MARY FARM, and none of them are being answered, nor have we received any information regarding the results of the tests.  From all the information we have since gathered, it has become very clear that Cezar of LADY MARY FARM, is just as dodgy, and he is knowingly knocking off sub standard CBD Oil products, and selling them to even dodgier middle men such as Dean Oliver.  Cezar claims that he sells around 4000 litres of CBD Oil product a month, and that Dean was responsible for selling 1000 litres of LADY MARY FARM CBD Oil a month, making Dean Oliver responsible for a quarter of Cezar’s total CBD Oil sales.  Knowing what I now know about Dean Oliver and his supplier, Cezar of LADY MARY FARM, I do find it hard to believe that Cezar would stop supplying Dean Oliver, if Dean was in fact selling a quarter of Cezar’s total output of product.  It has become very clear, that these dodgy characters do this for money, not because they are good people who want to help sick people, and thus I do struggle to believe that Cezar would stop supplying Dean Oliver on moral grounds.   After all, it was Cezar who supplied Dean Oliver with the fake testing certificates referenced in the original expose.



Following on from the initial expose, we were contacted by the Cannabis Trade Association, who have offered to test any samples of CBD Oil that we may wish to have tested, at reliable testing facilities based in the UK.  Samples of the SACRED KANA CBD Oils that I still have in my possession, have been sent off for testing, and the results will be published in the next article.



In true Dean Oliver form, Dean Oliver made up a story that I am the creator of this Turkish website, and that I set this website up to deliberately discredit him.  I have yet to discover this Turkish website for myself, having searched for it via Google, and I was unable to get the details of this website from Cezar prior to him cutting communications with us.  To this very day, I still have no idea which website this is that Cezar referenced.  Needless to say, I had nothing to do with the creation of any Turkish website containing Dean Oliver’s SACRED KANA CBD Oil, but it is very interesting to see how far Dean Oliver would go to protect himself.  If anybody knows which website this is, feel free to do a search on who owns the website, and where it is registered, because it is certainly not one of ours, and we had no knowledge of this site until we were informed by Cezar from LADY MARY FARM during the recorded conversation referenced above.



PAID AGENTS – Dean Oliver has refuted all the claims of the expose by claiming that my husband and I were paid by unnamed parties, to bring him down… So which bank account is the money in please, so I can access it?  It goes without saying, that we have never received a penny in payment for this expose of Dean Oliver.  This expose has been done out of public interest, as is all the work that I do.  We are not paid agents of any kind, rather I am an independent researcher following a trail of evidence, and giving some closure and justice to those who have been wronged by Dean Oliver, including myself.

MONIES OWED – Dean Oliver has made claims that we owe him money, stating that he has numerous emails which provide the proof of the thousands of Euros that we owe him.  Firstly, we have never communicated with Dean Oliver via email, rather only on Facebook.  Secondly, we paid Dean Oliver for everything we had sold up until we parted ways, and have even offered to meet up to reconcile the outstanding products, an offer that Dean Oliver has yet to accept.  As per the initial expose, please view the full transcript of Facebook conversation to verify these facts.


DRUGS & PROSTITUTION – In a desperate attempt to make us look bad, Dean Oliver published on Facebook, video footage from his mobile phone, where Dean is claiming that my husband owes him money, which is apparently a debt incurred due to a drugs and prostitution habit.  If you remember from the initial expose, Dean Oliver actually accused my husband of pimping me out to pay for a “drug and prostitution” habit, which was really just an indirect way of calling me a whore.  Again, these claims are completely false, as my husband barely even drinks alcohol, never mind taking drugs.  As for prostitution, my husband and I spend all our time together.  We live together, we go out together, we run errands together, we sleep together every night… In fact, there is not a moment when we are apart except when I am in the toilet, and even then, my husband is just on the other side of the door.  My husband is probably one of the most ethical and honourable people I have ever known, hence why I am married to him.






Having blocked Dean Oliver on my Facebook page, Dean Oliver adopted two sock accounts with fake female names, and began his attack on the ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING ALGARVE Facebook page.  It was obvious that both of these Facebook profiles were fake and operated by the same person, as they were both updated on the same days, and had no profile images or clear history, rather these accounts had been set up with the explicit intention of operating anonymously, with the intention of being used to bully myself and perhaps others.



Due to the cult following of ignorant people who put Dean Oliver on a pedestal, we were expecting a massive backlash from the initial expose.  Indeed, I was rather surprised at the overwhelming support I got following on from the initial expose publication.  I was contacted by numerous people thanking me for the expose, some of which I have since had the chance to connect with in person, and hear their stories.  I can’t say I am at all surprised by some of what these people have experienced, just sad that so many good people have been used and abused by Dean Oliver.  It is very clear from Dean Oliver’s tactics that there is absolutely no level to which he will not sink, there is absolutely no lie too big for him to spin in the hopes of discrediting anybody that dares to point out his treachery.



“Hi just read your article on anything and everything algarve. Bang on! This was my experience also. I could kick myself for falling for the “they attack me because i’m helping people by making it affordable and the big corporations want to shut me down” Bs for so long, it seemed believable but when I finally opened my eyes I saw that he is just on a major jesus trip, knowingly knocking out dodgy oil for a profit. I’ve seen the nasty side, shocking eh…mentally unstable and not in control of his anger at all!  Have a chilled weekend and rest knowing you’ve done a good thing by exposing someone that takes advantage of good people and even worse sick people!”


“Hi Mel. Hope this finds you well. I just read your exposè on Dean Oliver and thought I’d introduce myself and I can possibly fill in quite a few gaps and offer some clarity into the man you’re dealing with. Id say you are close in your description of him but I had an overwhelming vibe to contact you to give you some further insight. I would love to have a chat with you to give you some insight but selfishly also to gain some closure on my part that he has been exposed and by someone of your character. It helps. The offer is there anytime and I’d be happy to speak with you regardless of this being potentially the end of your investigation.  Further I wish to give you all the best energy and positive vibes for your new book and your partner’s expanding business. I can only applaud you for your efforts. Thank you. ????????”


“Dean Oliver is a scammer and on a massive ego trip, thinking he’s Jesus or something. I contacted the directors of the association CBD UK, who tested the product he sells and as the report says it is not what he states that it is. He loves to lap up the praise from his little tribe of faithful followers but anyone with any sense soon clicks on to him, including ALL of his past business partners, work colleagues and personal family of his. Congratulations on this report it is 100% accurate assessment and I applaud your attempt to protect those who may fall foul to this when there are so many quality products on the market.”


“…..a freaky narcissist will always be just that…..I tried a few 100ml bottles and not one did anything for the people I proffered to, who btw had cancers and I facilitated only by way of CBD oil from Dean. Since then I have found much better oil that you can feel a buzz off it. Thanks Mel for being so strong and outing the Truth.”


Once again I wish to extend a bit thank you to all of those who have been in touch to offer information and share their stories.  The CBD, THC and Hemp industry is absolutely proliferated with criminals operating under the aegis of pseudo humanitarianism, whilst actually turning a tidy profit by operating unethically and deliberately deceiving and hurting people, some of whom are chronically ill.  This is a really sad state of affairs, and thus, it is in the public interest, that I see this investigation through to its conclusion…

More to come on this front

Peace Love Unity Respect
Mel Ve